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The Friends

Minneopa State Park has a long history of volunteering going back to its beginning when a group of men formed a park advisory board to oversee the site. More recently, the Friends of Minneopa came together in 1998 out of concern about the park’s future. They have played a valuable role in helping put on special events, serving as Bison Ambassadors and involved with natural resource work to keep the park running smooth.


The breathtaking and wonderful natural scenery
Want a preview? Check some of the amazing locations at the park!
Read up on the history of the park and the Friends who actively ensure the continuation of the Park. 
Want to help contribute to the continuation of Minneopa Park?
Consider becoming a member! As an added bonus you will receive the quarterly Minneopa Messenger.
Don't want to subscribe but still want to help? Consider a one time donation, your help is greatly appreciated!
Want to help the Friends and the Park in a tangible way?
Channel your talent and passion for nature towards a great cause. Consider becoming a valued member of the Friends by volunteering your time and effort to help out the Park.
Want to read up on the history of Minneopa State Park?
For many years the Friends have been publishing quite a few newsletters about the on-goings and events of the park. Read up on the fun!
Interested in the photography contest or just want to browse?
Feel free to browse previous winners and experience the Park through artistic eyes.
Or you may submit your own photos and enter into the contest.
Want to learn about the many events?
The Friends host many different events throughout the year, check out when they happen to plan your next day off.
Check out the broader happenings at the DNR website, click to learn more.
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