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The Seppman Mill

The Seppman Mill

Seppman Mill

The Seppman windmill produced flour until it fell victim to natural disasters and new milling technology.


Construction Begins

Realizing the need for a local source of flour, Louis  Seppman, a stone mason by trade, began construction of this mill in 1862. Two years later the mill was operational. On days with a favorable wind, Louis Seppman, could transform about 150 bushels of wheat a day into fairly good flour.


Natural Disasters Hamper Operations

Operation went well until 1873 when lighting struck, knocking off two of the arms and sails. These were replaced but operation continued until 1890 when another storm finally damaged the structure beyond repair.

Extensive structural damage, together with competition from water and steam powered mills and the invention of the “roller process,” made this windmill unprofitable to operate. It never produced flour again and closed in 1890.


Renovating the MIll

By the time these structures became part of the Minneopa State Park the mill had deteriorated and only the foundation of the granary remained. In 1970 the granary was completely rebuilt to its original dimensions with new materials. During the same time the mill’s interior floors and stairs were refurbished, and its exterior walls repaired. A decade later the door and windows were replaced, and the cap-like roof was reshingled

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